Faith Dixon: Abuse, rejection, violence, mental hospital, crack

Faith Dixon came to the UK when she was 11. Her mother went with a man who started molesting her. She told her mother and was thrown out onto the streets at 13. She then went through about ten different children’s homes.

Violence began to mark her behaviour, she chopped one of the male workers in the neck for coming into a room of 5 girls and did three months in the block. When back out on the street, her parents wouldn’t take her in, even when her appendix burst on the street. When her social worker wouldn’t give her a suit she chopped him in his neck, and she wound up in a mental hospital secure unit.

Fed pills from morning till night, she didn’t know where she was or what time it was. When she got outside she got married, had a kid, but the life of always being on the move staying in a different place had affected her. She wound up in prison, and when she came out got into crack via her boyfriend, and that was it, smoking bare crack and more crack.

Travelling to New York, eventually in the darkness, she met a guy called brother Alex, who came in to talk to the addicts about Jesus. She let him take her to a rehab place, cos she had cut up, and got so so miserable by this point. She was in the miry clay, deep down and sinking sinking. A drug addict with no place to stay. Going to church, she realised that God must have had a hand in her life, in preserving her life on sooooo many occasions.

One time later, a Christian said to her, “The Lord wants you, you know. Stop running away.” At that time she was drug dealing and going to a church giving some money into the collection, but running from the things of God.

Coming back to London and a smaller church, she found out all that God had planned for her, his love, the inheritance she had in heaven, and it began to effect her. She got some opportunity to share her life story in prisons, and felt blessed by at last being able to help people and encourage them. As she gained a new mindset, and the ‘renewing of her mind’ through the Word, she began to look at things – the past, and the future – in a different light.

Now she’s got Jesus Christ, her Lord and Saviour, and she doesn’t need to worry, people are jealous of such a shepherd whose looked after her. “I’m not where I should be, but I’m not where I used to be I’m on my way.”

Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, what he’s done for Faith, he can do for you and yours.

Category: Care, Violence, Women