Noel McNamee: Rasta turned Dreadlocks on the run

Swallowed by crack addiction, crack city…

Noel McNamee was born and raised in Brixton and at the age of 14 ran from the church. His mother let him go, not wanting to force him into Christ. Rastafarianism was sweeping through Brixton in the late 70’s, early 80’s, and Noel found his identity in being a ‘rastaman’. By time, his dreads would grow beyond his knee caps, and at 6 foot plus, those dreads were pretty long!

Following rastafarianism he went forth and multiplied, 6 children by 5 different mothers, and also got into the weed. Joined the 12 tribes of Israel, and called fire down on all his enemies.

Noel began to deal in weed. By 27 things were too much, women giving trouble, and life breaking up, he decided that moving would help him solve his problems.

From crack dealing in New York he had to run again [only the use of cannabis is permitted in Rastafarianism, however]. He began crack dealing in Brixton and became an addict. He ran again to St Paul’s, Bristol. From here he had to run for his life again. He nearly lost his life over a one ounce deal of weed in Brixton, when he got a beating that put things in perspective.

He became a Christian on the phone with his sister in hospital, and life has never been the same for him since. Now he was housed by a white man overcoming years of prejudice, has not struggled for work, moved to Southampton and has been blessed there in work and with a wife, and the expectation of a child.

What Jesus Christ did for Noel, Noel would stake his life that he can do for you.

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