Go to God first!

God alone will never let you down. The organisations listed below, however, are made up of other imperfect human beings with limited resources, who may or may not be able to help you.

We guarantee that you will feel let down at some point by every human you ever deal with (it comes with being imperfect). Our God is perfect, his resources are limitless, his understanding of you flawless, his control over the life issues surrounding you complete – thus his ability to plan out your path for your best interests is without contest.

In the light of that, you’d be mad to go to these human agencies without first having called upon the name of Jesus Christ for salvation and ongoing miraculous escape from the mess you’ve found yourself in. Followers of Christ do this every day when they say:

“Forgive us our wrongs, as we’d forgive those who’ve wronged us.
Lead us not into temptation, Deliver us from the evil one.”

That said, we’ve listed these organisations because we think and hope there is a chance they may be of some use!


  • Teen Challenge – a fine rehab, great friendly people, with a good record for helping people meet Christ & the power to change.
  • Victory Outreach UK – ditto – another fine rehab tribe!
  • Betel – UK branch of Spanish international organisation dedicated to rebuilding the lives of the destitute, and taking them in off the street.
  • Warriors in Christ – an independent Christian Organisation with Biblical values, striving to show love and hope to all the nations unconditionally.
  • Yeldall Manor – based in Reading.


  • Cops & Robbers – free cartoons of testimonies and stuff – guys with a mission to get good educational/saving literature into hands of youths going into police cells and YOI’s, HMPs, etc.
  • PECAN & Work Out – getting unemployed and ex-offenders into work.
  • Offenders Anonymous – using the 12 steps approach to tackling crime addiction as a lifestyle problem.

Sensible housing on release

Mostly people are released into hostels where drugs and dealers run freely. This is not an ideal habitat for those seeking to reform to any form of sane living. Thus smaller houses, with Christian carers are a very major service to provide those serious about trying to go straight on release.