Sheridan: Violent childhood, death, paramilitaries & the Maze

From a violent childhood growing up in Northern Ireland on the wrong side of the law, Sheridan was first brought to meet God through a man of God praying while his brother was dying. His brother died and he turned against God in bitterness and violence – only years later would he realise that God had met with and saved his brother just before his death, and he’d started going to meetings – but for Sheridan his path took a steep path downwards as he deliberately got involved with the local militias/paramilitaries, and wound up in the Maze prison.

Whilst serving a lengthy prison sentence in the Maize, an internal feud developed and from ‘hero to zero’ was his experience, as suddenly he found himself on the wrong side of dangerous men to whom he knew life was cheap. Inside he had turned his life over to Jesus again, and on the outside He didn’t let him down, providing the protection – “no weapon formed against you shall prosper.”

Though many of his former companions he has met again in Jesus Christ, 20 of those he served time with met violent deaths – only one at the hands of their enemies – mostly from internal feuds and suicides. The violent life doesn’t pay, it’s a sad sad business. The cause in Northern Ireland was not a noble cause worth dying for, but in the bible there is a cause worth dying for, cos you find a man Jesus who died for us.

Christian Prison Ministries Ireland

Category: Men, Organised Crime