Who We Are

We have members all over the UK. We have one thing in common, our lives were all gone wrong, and a man called Jesus came into our lives and changed everything.

We've been putting lots of stories of folk so people can identify with at least some of them. We don't want you to believe a fairy tale, but to discover that sometimes the truth is far better than fiction.

We have meetings with men and women giving their story of how Jesus bumped into them, and what kind of a guy he's been to them in the situations they've been in, and how he's transformed their times & tears. If you want to come along you're most welcome, we currently run meetings in Brixton and Southampton.

Frank Brookes

Our dearest Frank Brookes, Pastor of Raleigh Park Baptist Church, founder of Transformed, husband to Vandrene and father to Olivia & Grace, brother to Jeanie, died and went to be with Christ in glory on Saturday morning (12 March 2011). He was a fantastic friend to all who knew him.