Noel McNamee - on the run & crack

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Noel McNamee was born and raised in Brixton and at the age of 14 ran from the church. His mother let him go, not wanting to force him into Christ. Rastafarianism was sweeping through Brixton in the late 70's, early 80's, and Noel found his identity in being a 'rastaman'. By time, his dreads would grow beyond his knee caps, and at 6 foot plus, those dreads were pretty long!

Following rastafarianism he went forth and multiplied, 6 children by 5 different mothers, and also got into the weed. Joined the 12 tribes of Israel, and called fire down on all his enemies.

Noel began to deal in weed. By 27 things were too much, women giving trouble, and life breaking up, he decided that moving would help him solve his problems.

He went to New York to his brother (now doing life for murder). He saw crack dealing in New York making proper money, and began doing it himself. This made him enemies, and led to him fleeing for his life back to Brixton.

Having learned a trick about making money through crack, he set up shop down Brixton. One day through loneliness he tried his own crack. When you are in the pit, Satan is the one in control not you, and he sank deeper into evil under the influence of the crack pipe. For the next 5 years he was an addict. He had to move again after a little while, as his name became nasty.

Noel moved to St Paul's in Bristol, a crack city where 95% were using heroin or crack. He worked as a runner for pimps, bringing girls in to a legal prostitution house, and supplying crack to the girls. He saw an incident where people lost their lives, and the gun turned on him. So he ran, from Bristol back to Brixton.

He came back to a rasta brother, but he couldn't help him. So he checked a sister. She said, "Come in." I was still a crack addict, though I tried to come off it. I was just selling weed to get money for crack. On 9th October 2002, I went to sell the last ounce I ever sold. I got beat near to death, just managed to get myself back to the house I'd come from. I remember the ambulance, and then woke up 2 days later in hospital with a dead leg. That beating had brought me to my senses! I was meditating, and looking to God in my need, and right at this time a Christian sister came in and gave me a bible and a booklet called, 'a whisper of love', and then she walked away. My spirit leapt as I read some words from Proverbs.

Noel's sisters came telling him they'd be burying him next time they came to visit. Later he rang one to find out what he had to do to have Christ in his life. He prayed the sinners prayer, and at last peace had come. For 25 years he'd struggled to sleep. Demons used to attack him, spiritual demons. The deep you get into sin, the more attacks you get. He was frightened to sleep at night, but he slept in peace that night.

God brought healing, muscles the doctors had taken out, God grew back. With nowhere to live, Noel didn't know where he'd go from the hospital, but he had two sisters praying in Harrow. He moved down to Watford, and a white man opened the door of his home to him, and said, "This is your home." Years of prejudice were overcome. God does things in us that prove to the unbelievers that this is what God can do. He joined a firm in Southampton as a sales assistant, now they've promoted him to assistant manager, where is shop is the only one of a chain of seven making money. Noel got married in 2007, and is blessed with an expected child too!

God is real, and really changes lives! Noel would stake his life that what God has done for him, he can do for you!

If you are a Christian, "each one of you have a testimony, so use it, to the glory of God. People of God run with your testimony, someone out there is waiting for it?"

Noel is part of Prison Outreach Network