Rhonda Noble: Ashes to beauty, adopted by King (of kings)

Rhonda Noble began life in a poor family in Possilpark, Glasgow. Her mother suffered an early nervous breakdown when she was 5, and via foster care she first experienced the feeling of rejection. She experienced abuse at the hands of one of her brothers.

In looking for acceptance she wound up in crime and drugs via the gateway of cannabis. At 23 via a drug drop-in centre, she was introduced to heroin and crack. She turned to prostitution to fund a £200 a day habit.

In the depths of her addiction some years later, one of her brothers turned up in need of a fix, and she unwittingly gave him an injection that, within 3 minutes, would fatally combine with some pills he’d already taken, so her brother lay on her lap as he died in hideous agony (and was too heavy even to lift off).

The dying words of her father, changed her for ever: “Your mum, me, your brothers, rehabs, everyone’s tried to help you – there is only one person left, that’s Jesus.” The best man she’d ever met told her that her only hope was in another Man.

She then met a man, and her child was born addicted to heroin, and even while she saw him convulsing she was taking her heroin. Chaos and darkness reigned. A neighbour got her child taken in by social services, which she was glad about, as it made the child safer. 3 weeks later, banging the floor, the only thing Rhonda could think of was, “God! Please help me!”

And he did.

He sent a Christian into her life, a friend of one of the social workers, and took her to church. She also took her to a Teen Challenge bus, and there she met an old prostitute friend who’d been totally transformed. She warned Rhonda it was full on about God, but by this time it was, “Do or die.” So she applied, and 12 weeks later got in to the program.

It blew her mind how much love God had for her. It’s taken years of God at work to rearrange her low view and mistrust of men. She got married in June last year, her son is back in her life. God’s now called her to London to help women who are caught up with prostitution. She knows that if God can fix her up and clean her up, He can do it for any woman, and wants to help make that possible.

The King of kings regularly adopts such people. It could be you too: To all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God. [Then] the Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.

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