Foundations - our history

the late Frank Brookes, founder

We are an organisation founded by ex-offenders to serve ex-offenders, our 5th anniversary is on 2nd October this year.

It was set up by the late Frank Brookes, who himself had been lost in a hedonistic lifestyle, but came to Christ in 1972 through the ministry of Arthur Blessit in Birmingham. Subsequently, Frank traveled to 88 different countries as an evangelist with Operation Mobilisation, before finally settling as a pastor of a small Brixton church of just 20 or so members in 2000. On the back of much prayer for the darkness in the surrounding area, and at the age of 57 in October 2006 Frank organised the first meeting of Transformed with about 20 ex-offenders and friends he'd met along the way, including Steve and Tom.

Mandy, committee member

God sent many people who would help the ministry, from a Sergeant in Lambeth Prolific and Priority Offender unit, to chaplains and other prison workers, a charity lawyer, other keen organisations, and former schoolboy drug dealer Tom Seidler of The Good Book Company with web skills and a willingness (when pushed hard by Frank) to be an amateur videographer.

Frank fell ill with cancer in 2010, and died in March 2011, leaving his wife Van and two daughters, Olivia and Grace (11 and 8) and had appointed Tom to follow in his footsteps with the help of the committee (which had three other ex-offenders on it: Mandy, Steve and Noel), in serving the needs of Transformed, that it might glorify Christ.

Noel, committee member

Five years on and Transformed wishes to publicly give praise for what God has done with such a group of volunteers who freely gave as they had freely received. On just ?5,000 in donations, 3 years worth of man hours, countless testimonies freely shared, Christian men of God bringing worship - over 60 meetings have been had, a website was built, 60+ testimony videos uploaded, 120,000 evangelistic tracts and 2,000 DVDs have been printed. Committee member Noel was enabled to form a branch in Southampton, and many friends in similar ministry have been encouraged as we've met and worked together.

This has not been without effect. has seen 20,000 channel hits, and 220,000 videos watched, while has had 35,000 unique visits in the year before our 5th anniversary. The videos and literature have made it into prisons globally, and locally over a hundred ex-offenders have been reached with the gospel. All glory to Jesus Christ, who came "to seek and to save the lost", and is the same today, yesterday and forever: a friend to tax-collectors and prostitutes, a friend of sinners. The network that has formed, in part through Transformed, of family and friends deeply concerned over this area has continued to develop other projects too numerous to mention here.

Previously Transformed did not see going 'public' to the church as a priority, however, awareness of Transformed's activities and free resources is now seen as a crucial way of mobilising the church to serve the lost more effectively and thus maximising the gospel return on the talents invested! Transformed covet the prayers and partnership of the church, as our dreams continue to be as big as Frank's were in the founding: he wished to trumpet the power of Christ alone to completely change lives in a society that desperately needs such a message of hope. A particular aim is to update the website into the premier league as our most effective method (to date) of fulfilling such gospel dreams. It is possible that only in the darkness surrounding Brixton could such a flower as Transformed have grown up under the Lord's hand - and certain that only his continued favour can help it serve it's founding purpose with integrity.

Our first meeting: October 7th, 2006

Chen, a Brixton man, shared - it was our first meeting. 26 turned up. It was a good time.

Christians with convictions: is a picture from that meeting, 7 have criminal convictions only in the highest court of all lands, 7 have convictions in this land also. Can you tell who is who? They are all being transformed.