Helping Us

There are lots of ways you can help us!

Prayer support!

It would be great if you are up for praying for us regularly, we would like to keep you informed on an approximately quarterly basis so you can pray for the Kingdom work we seek to engage in: subscribe here. If you'd rather turn up and bring appropriate non-Christian friends, subscribe to our meetings mailing lists here.

Practical support!

We could do with help in funding in a number of areas, which we list under Current Projects. We have a great record for wisely using money invested, and making it stretch as far as we can, so we hope you'll find the projects are a good Kingdom investment and will go very far indeed!

WANTED: Mature ex-offenders in Christ!

Not meaning old, but mature! It'll be a frontline thing, and we do not wish to contribute to the collapse of a Christ followers life by putting too much on anyone too soon - a desire to have attention and pride is always something we will struggle with, and it can take God a while to break us down to a point of healthy humility (speaking for ourselves!).

So if you know of folk (including yourself!) who've been Christians for a few years, had the time to settle down from jail life for a couple of years, and had peculiar experiences which they are comfortable with sharing and that might help people, please contact us, or put them in contact with us. We believe there will be many like us who have testimonies to share, of how they were once 'sinners' but have been born again into the Light, as Jesus is the same today as he was in New Testament times.

You can check our testimony guidelines here.

Brethren from the criminal world

Your help is appreciated in keeping this site clear of people chatting rubbish, cos enough of us are chatting the truth, and as far as we know all you hear is on point and true. We 100% believe in honesty whatever the cost. If we have people who happen to have said stuff you *know* to be false (rather than a slight exaggeration, which we can all see in our hearts surely, though it's still not great), please get in touch privately with your reasoning.

We need you to be able to find Jesus and know he is for real and certain - trustworthy both in this life and the next - even when some people who claim his name are trustworthy in neither!